Monday, February 20, 2012

Leader of the Free World

I think I finally know what the phrase, "Leader of the Free World" means. That's the guy who does his very best to give everybody everything for free if they'll only vote for him.

We know that the number of those who are drawing down payments from the Federal Government in all its forms has increased more than 23% since our Redistributor-in-Chief was inaugurated.

We know that more than 47 million Americans (and, presumably a pretty good sized number of illegals) are collecting food stamps from Uncle Sam. That's up by 30% since January 20th, 2009.

We know that some 8 million Americans have received a free Obama Cell Phone Program phones, including smart phones. They go to all who are "economically disadvantaged." They also get 250 minutes a month, also for free. And they get another 100 minutes for each referral. By the way, that freebie phone isn't available in Orange County. Maybe POTUS doesn't think free phones will get him any of our Red County votes.

Want a new Chevy Volt? Our Fearless Leader will give you $7,500 of your neighbors' money to buy one of these little $47,000 electric "economy" cars. The average income of all Volt buyers thus far, by the way, is $179,000 per year. And their tiny Volt is their fourth or fifth car. And they catch fire if t-boned in an accident. Two weeks later. Obama is asking Congress to increase that direct tax rebate to $10,000 next year, as almost nobody is buying them. That will cost us $100,000,000 a year. And since we own one-third of Government Motors, it's pretty clear that soon you'll be ordered to buy one whether you want to or not. Or they'll be given to the same folks get the free cell phones.

Do you know what an "Earned Income Tax Credit" is? That's the "rebate" given to the 48% of you who don't earn enough pay taxes. So, if you don't pay taxes you get a tax rebate, paid for by those of us who do. That brings "free" to a whole new level.

And now Obama is ordering insurance companies to give contraceptive and abortifacient medications to all Americans who work for religious-affiliated organizations which choose not to do so absolutely free. I'd like somebody to point out exactly where in the Constitution that power is enumerated.

It was reported last week that an American living in poverty who avails himself to every Federal program and payment assistance plan has more disposable income that a family man who earns $62,000 per year. Why would anyone choose to work when not working pays so well? Yes, why?

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