Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Obama Channel

Remember when you could turn on the TV and not see the President of the United States? No, really. I mean he was nowhere to be found. And although it seems like eons ago, it was in actuality only a few short months back.

Now, he's everywhere. You crank up the Telly upon awakening and there he is, giving his first speech of the day to some group somewhere. As the day wears on he'll be conducting a press conference or reading his TeleprompTer at a town hall meeting or lecturing school children on the perils of obesity. Later, he'll be having a nice chat with Letterman or jetting off on vacation or playing a few rounds of golf or scolding us for some transgression or other. Is it me, or do we have All Obama All The Time?

I have a suggestion: Instead of all the networks having to send legions of reporters and camera crews all over the place trying to keep up with The Energizer Politician, why not simply create The Obama Channel and follow him through the day. Kind of like a reality show, but far less interesting. And if you've had your fill of him for awhile, you could select any other channel without fear of having your airwaves and your attention highjacked by the most overexposed public figure of all time.

Oh, wait a minute. MSNBC has already done that. Never mind...

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