Monday, July 13, 2015

Confronting - and Defeating - the "Perpetually Aggrieved."

Have you noticed that when the "Perpetually Aggrieved" win an inch, they take a mile? Don't know what the perpetually aggrieved are?  That's the name I've given those who aren't happy with the efforts conservatives continually undertake to appease them, and never, ever will.  Let me provide some background info for your review and consideration.

Think back a couple of weeks.  A crazed racist kid buys a gun.  Illegally, as it turns out. He passed the NICS background check that the loony lefties so love.  Remember how all they wanted was the Universal Background Check? They have it, as it turns out, but they just don't seem to know it.  But the approval for the kid to buy the gun was given in error, due to his felony drug arrest a couple of months earlier. And then the bozo shoots up a Charleston, SC church.  He killed 9 innocent congregants, including the pastor, who, by the way, had chosen not to allow the carrying of concealed weapons in his church.  Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

It's said that the shortest measurement of time possible is that between the light changing in Manhattan and the cab driver behind you honking his horn.  No longer. Now, it's the period of time between a guy engaging in mass murder in a a "gun free zone" and the loony, gun-grabbing left calling for more "gun control."  That's a euphemism for forced, immediate and total collection and eradication of all guns, everywhere, from everyone.  Except, of course, those owned by the bodyguards of the loony left.

So Barry the First, and San Nan Fran Pelosi, and Joe "The Sheriff" Biden, and the Brady Campaign, and Mini-Mike Bloomberg and his multitudinous organizations dedicated to eliminating guns, and dozens of other commie pinko weenies nationwide, immediately called for enhanced "gun control." So predictable.

Then, within a couple of days, the Mainstream Media meme morphed into the gathering and destroying of the Confederate Flag from all flagpoles everywhere. Apparently there was a picture of the mass killer kid, Dylann Roof, waving the rebel Confederate Flag.  So immediately the reason he shot up the church and killed all those innocents was due to the influence of this 150 year-old flag.  


First of all, it isn't the Confederate Flag.  It's the Battle Flag of the Northern Army of Virginia.  Just one smallish faction of the Confederate retaliation against the transgressions of the North during that "unpleasantness," as they're so fond of saying. But that matters not.  It had to be eradicated!  And now!   As if doing so would have altered the outcome in that AME church that fateful day.  Or alter future outcomes in similar situations.  

So Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina, a bi-racial success story herself, called for its removal from the State House.  She got her wish.  The Flag was put up there by a Democrat governor more than 50 years ago, but now it's down.  It was worshiped by the Democrats who founded the KKK, but now it's down.  It was brought down and placed in a museum.  Even Bubba Watson, pro golfer and apparent foolish dumbass, stated he would paint over the Confederate Flag on the roof of his original General Lee Dodge Charger from the famed TV show he had bought at auction.  It's reported that a local museum was outraged at his decision and is trying, as this is written, to get good ol' Bubba to turn loose of the iconic car.  No decision as of yet.  But God knows painting over that flag, according to the Loony Left, will somehow keep crazy dumbass kids from shooting up churches in the future.  I'm beside myself with amazement at the lack of intellect on display for all to see among so many Loony Lefties.

So they got their way.  They got the Flag to come down, and be erased from the Public Square.  They're even contemplating digging up Confederate generals from their tombs and removing their statues from the Hall of Congress. Yes indeed, kiddies, the Memphis City Counsel just voted to exhume the body of Confederate General and Favorite Son Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Can I hear an "Amen?"  Wal-Mart has even decided to melt down instead of deliver to seniors that ordered them the class rings that display the Confederate Flag.  Oh, and by the way, they're removing the flagpole from which the Flag flew. When will this madness end?  Never, it appears. And thus, the subject of this posting.

It is my contention that the Loony Left will never, ever be satisfied with any victory, however large.  They will always, always hold out for more.  And MORE!  Need an example?  Recall the closure of the El Toro Marine Base some years ago.  It was surrounded by thousands and thousands of empty acres, making it the perfect location for a much-needed new international airport.  But the commie pinko leadership in Irvine, it's to-be-location, disagreed.  They wanted it for thousands and thousands of new homes, and millions and millions of new dollars in tax revenue.  The matter was put on the ballot.  The airport won.  The Irvine Democrats didn't like that answer.  They put it on the ballot once again.  They lost again.  They just wouldn't take "no" for an answer, so they took a new advertising approach and put it up for a vote one more time.  They finally won.  And now, more than a decade and more than $100 Million in expenditures, the whole thing is a Major League Disaster. 

Now take a look at the next subject the "Perpetually Aggrieved" have put in their sights.  

Now the Little People of America, a "small" (pardon the pun) group of about 6,500, have decided that the Freeboro, Missouri high school football mascots can no longer be called the "Midgets."  Way back in 1922 this small-town high school was due to play a much larger and much better team.  They kicked the bigger and better teams' ass. Since then, they have been forever known as the "Midgets."  Lovingly. Approvingly. But no longer, according to the "Little People." Their name must be changed.  To what, I wonder?  The "Giants?"  Oh no, that wouldn't work either.  Gigantism is a result of a pituitary deficiency.  And thus, we can't use that, either. Maybe the "Liberals."  Yeah, that might work.  Can't be anything wrong with the name the commie pinko dumbass weenies like to use to identify themselves, right?  Can't you see it?  The "Freeboro Liberals?"

"But wait," as the late night commercial is fold of saying, "there's more!"

Now the Loony Left have set their sights on - ready for this? - the Fleur de lis.  

What's the fleur de lis?  It's the French name for the lily. That was the official symbol of Louis the 14th's reign.  And the symbol of the French occupation of what would be America, later to become what's lovingly known as the "Louisiana Purchase."  And now the symbol appearing on nearly everything French, including tombstones and the helmets of the New Orleans Saints.  So what's wrong with this symbol? Nothing. Except if you're a Perpetually Aggrieved commie pinko lefty weenie.  

It turns out that this symbol was used by some plantation owners to brand runaway slaves during the middle of the 18th century.  The runaway would have the fleur de lis branded on his left shoulder so that all could see running away wasn't such a good idea.  That's it.  That's enough, apparently, to cause dyspepsia among the Perpetually Aggrieved.  And so the symbol has to be eradicated.  Now!

My contention is that continuing to reward the Perpetually Aggrieved for their kicking and screaming tantrums has never worked, and never will.  You give them an inch and they want everything.  So I say STOP!  Stop acceding to their demands!  If a kid shooting up a church can transmogrify into erasing the fleur de lis from the Public Square within two weeks, I say just give them the finger and walk away.  

Or run...

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