Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Quick Reminder From the Chuckmeister

Okay, kiddies, it's my turn to gloat.

Dedicated readers of my little blog will recall that I made a rather brash prediction in these august pages a bit over a year ago (check it for yourself...January 29, 2014). 

I predicted that a then little-known guy would run for, and win the Grand Old Party's nomination for President of the United States, and then go on to win the Election.  

Yes, my friends, and you are my friends, I took a deep breath and put figurative digital pen to digital paper and predicted that one Scott Walker, Governor of the bright blue state of Wisconsin, home of unionization, ground zero for Liberalism, would be our candidate, and go on to win the Presidency.

Back then he wasn't even on the radar.  Only news junkies like me were watching and learning that he was dueling with Wisconsin's unions big-time. He decided that his state's habit of collecting dues from its citizens' paychecks and then passing them along to union fat cats didn't make sense.  Especially since we all know that the unions take those millions and millions of dollars and use them as a Death Ray against conservative candidates for office.

He decided that his state's multi-billion deficit was a time bomb for Wisconsinites.  He vowed to fix it, and then return some of the tax money to those who paid it.

And he decided that WI teachers shouldn't have an arm lock on education. Rather, it should be the parents and taxpayers who should hold the reigns, he opined.  

Thousands of angry union thugs trashed the venerable old WI Statehouse. They did over six million dollars of damage to it while trying to get Walker turned out of office.  They tried to recall hin, the first such effort in Wisconsin's history.  He won that recall election. And then he ran for reelection and garnered an even larger percentage of the vote than he did in either his original run or in his recall. He ended state collection of union dues and erased his state's deficit.  And he's not only erased the state's debt but built up a several billion dollar rainy day fund.  He's kept his promises (what a concept!). And in doing so he's started to gain national attention.

Now, after having jumped over better known candidates, announced and unannounced, Walker is starting to be considered the front-runner.  We know that because the Libbies have started taking potshots at him.  Their main meme is that he shouldn't be president because he never graduated from college. Of course, neither did George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Harry S. Truman.  And I'd venture to say that even Libbies would say they did a pretty good job.  Oh, and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford, college dropouts all, did pretty well also.  

And, we know that education doesn't necessarily indicate success in a job. Just look at the overeducated dufus currently infesting the White House if you need proof.  

Walker's not won the nomination, yet, nor has he won the Election.  But so far, my friends, he's on track to do both, thus giving my long-ago prediction some heft.  He scares the Hell out of the Left, because they know he could win.  A plain-talking, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work, Midwestern promise-keeper that exemplifies all of the very best qualities of leadership.  

And you read it here first.  As Mrs. Chuckmeister has stated, if my prediction turns out to be correct, I deserve my own political talk show.  

I couldn't agree more...

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