Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is a Day Which Will Live in Infamy

Today, March 20, 2012, is a really special day in American history. On this day President Barack Hussein Obama has racked up more debt in his 3+ years as POTUS than George W. Bush did in his full 8 year term. We're talking $ 4.9 Trillion for Bush vs. $4.94 Trillion for Obama.

Then-Senator Obama stated while running for President back in 2008 that Bush's continual borrowing from China to finance his soaring debt was "irresponsible." He went on to say it was "unpatriotic."

In Obama's 1156 days in office he's eclipsed Bush's total increase in debt in his 2922 days. That's more than any other President in U.S. history. Not only in the same amount of time. In ANY amount of time!

Obama's recently presented budget, if passed, would add another $9,000,000,000,000 to our indebtedness over the next ten years. That's a tidy $112,000 per second. That's $9 Billion a week in increased debt. And that would mean our total debt in 2022 would exceed $25 Trillion dollars, or almost TWICE our total Gross Domestic Output as a nation! You might like to know that Greece is in the fiscal dumper with indebtedness running at 125% of GDP. And Greece's financial condition is threatening to bring down the entire European Union.

Let me add in closing that our economy is growing, if you can call it that, at a laggard rate of only 2% per year. Historically, our growth has been 4% or more. And we are "enjoying" more than 8% unemployment. A rate of 5% is considered normal. It was under that number throughout Bush's 8 years in office.

Are you happy with the way America is being run? Then vote for Obama in November and get an even bigger dose of it…

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