Monday, January 9, 2012

Part Two...

An acquaintance of mine who could be described as being of the, ahem, liberal persuasion, took umbrage with my most recent posting. It seems he's convinced that I was being discriminatory against illegal aliens with my admittedly snarky commentary. He thinks I shouldn't have singled out for scorn those who shouldn't be here. Perhaps he thinks I should be more inclusive in my condemnation of those who break the law, So, in consideration of this weenie's whining, I am now going to expand my posting to include others who shouldn't be doing what they've been doing, and should be arrested for doing it.

Since illegal aliens, whether brought here at one month old or just a few years ago, are here illegally, they should be prosecuted and deported forthwith. They are criminals. And to not do so creates a vacuum into which other law breakers will be drawn. It also fosters a general disregard for the law. Perhaps you don't wish to consider them as criminals, but they are. Don't like my broad-brush characterization? Change the laws. Until then, let's call this spade a spade (oh, I'm sorry…can I still say that?) Those who were brought here and attended our public schools for at least three and up to twelve years, should not be eligible to attend our California colleges at in-state rates, much less with public financing. I have a nephew from New York who is attending Santa Barbara City College. And he's paying out-of-state tuition, which is about three times that enjoyed by Californians. And he's an American citizen. What's wrong with this picture?

But if you, like my commie, pinko, dumbass, liberal acquaintance, believe I'm being discriminatory, I now expand my definition of this classification to include other criminals, including the following:

  1. Shoplifters

  2. Petty thieves

  3. Check kiters

  4. Welfare cheats

  5. Identity thieves

  6. Dope dealers

  7. Spouse beaters

  8. Drunk drivers

  9. Bail jumpers

If I overlooked any classification of those guilty of misdemeanors, and illegal aliens are guilty of misdemeanors, I apologize. But you get the picture. If you're a criminal, you should be prosecuted. Not rewarded with financial gain for having perpetrated a crime, or had one perpetrated on your behalf, and then gotten away with it. If you disagree with my characterization, your assignment is to provide a written essay to my nephew explaining your (flawed) rationale. Otherwise, pick on some other poor blogger. This one's too busy fighting for truth, justice and the American Way…

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