Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Here I Come

So L.A.'s City Council voted 13 to 1 yesterday to boycott Arizona because they chose to enforce a Federal law the Feds won't enforce. Mirrors it, in fact. Exactly.Word for word. Barry the First says it's misguided. He's the guy that won't enforce the Federal laws he's sworn to enforce. Interesting, don't you think? Eric the Red (Attorney General Eric Holder) says he doesn't like it because it's likely to cause racial profiling. And then he admits today in a Congressional hearing that he hasn't had the time to read all 10 pages of it. He's threatening to sue to overturn it, but he hasn't had a chance to read it. Also interesting, I'm sure you'll agree. And absolutely astounding. And sickening.

Well, I have an idea. Since San Francisco is boycotting Arizona, and now that toilet L.A. is boycotting Arizona, I've decided to boycott the boycott. I'm going to take a vacation this summer to Sedona. I hear it's a happening place. Crystals and pyramids and all that parallel universe stuff. Every time I decide to buy something, I'm going to find out if something like it is made by our dear overburdened and put-upon friends in AZ. And if it is, I'm buying it from them. And if it's made in L.A. or SFO, not happening. Not buying it. No way, Jose. That's a pun, there. No racial insensitivity intended. No bucks from Chuck going that way. Those weenies have chosen to screw with the wrong guy. I'm a one-man boycott machine. And I invite all the hundreds of thousands of people who routinely read my humble little blog to join with me in boycotting those latte-sipping, Saugivnon Blanc-drinking, limousine-riding commie pinko libs in Los Grungenous and San Give-me-Your-Moneynous until they get it right. Embrace Federal law or secede from the Union. And do it now.

Ask yourself this. Would you miss them?

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  1. Tell me, Chuckmeister, EXACTLY how do you feel about the Arizona law? :-) :-) Time for another little sip of the grape, amigo. By the way, you'll love Sedona, except that darn red sand will be stuck in your floormats FOREVER!!!


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