Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Beginning of the Beginning

What do you do when you have more to say then there's places to say it? As many others have found, including my good friend Geoff West, the only option is to start a blog. And so, one of my primary New Years' Resolutions is well on its way to being kept (the other was gaining ten pounds). Announcing "Chuckmeister Unleashed!"

I was given the name "Chuckmeister" by a German friend because I was pretty handy with a pool cue before my aching back began to get in the way. In fact, I played professionally for more than a decade before a wife, kids and a business took center stage in my life. And "unleashed" is what I intend to be when my offerings are no longer filtered through the politically-correct prism of newspaper editors.

I am not burdened by political-correctness, which I believe to be the single biggest threat America faces. Number Two is hypocracy, which is in abundant supply in Saramento and Washington, D.C. these days. And I intend to skewer those elected leaders who choose to squander our trust. No quarter will be given. This will serve both as an opportunity for me to vent and for the reader to gain insight into what may prove to be another - and potentially valuable - perspective on a subject or issue. I'll not take your readership for granted. I'll endeavor to write clearly and concisely to make my point, promising ever to do so with a little country humor thrown in for good measure. It's a brand new year. Let's experience 2010 together...