Saturday, August 13, 2022

Political Theater...

So our Atty. General Muldrick Garland has been catching it from both the Left and the Right.

Those on the Hard Left want Garland to arrest The Donald, put him in arm and leg shackles, and then frog-march him to straight to a military tribunal and a nice, comfy cell in Leavenworth.  

After which he'd be summarily shot.  Twice.  Double-tap, as we say...

Those of us Conservatives want Garland to actually follow the law (what a concept!) and protect Supreme Court Justices.  We want him to force O'Biden to secure our southern Border.  We want him to arrest the entire evening lineup from MSPMS (like Brennan, and Comey and others too onerous to mention).  

They've all lied to Congress, under oath, and they've all skated.  

And don't get me started on Hilliary!  We all know about her personal server, and her 33,000 emails, and learning all about "Bleachbit" and wiping down hard drives.  And the fact that her campaign funded Christopher Steele's slimy little dossier.  Which breathed life into "Russiagate."  And cost us 3 years of angst and agony and more than $44 Million Dollars.  And she's taking long walks in beautiful Chapaqua.

But then there's August 9th, 2022.  Another of those "days which will live in infamy."  Garland sicks 30 or 40 or his very best FBI agents on Trump's Mar-a-Lago Florida compound.  Lights flashing, helicopters hovering, sirens blaring.  Live, on CNN.  They serve a warrant, kick out Trump's attorney's, make them turn off the CCTV cameras, and then go on a 9-hour fishing expedition of The Donald's bedroom.  And Melania's clothes closet.  And left her clothes strewn all about.  

I wonder if anybody tried on her clothes?

They went from a cordial visit in June, these agents did, to an all-out assault in August.  And from what we're told, they thought nobody would notice.  Pulllleeeezzzeee!  They did this in the very most public, obvious and character-damning way they could think of.  They placated their commie base with a little blood.  And they now smell that blood in the water.  One of the commie commentators (hey, I like that!) at MSPMS is for moving straight to a public execution...

All this to dirty Trump up and keep him from running in 2024.  We were on a glide-slope to socialism since Woodrow Wilson installed "Progressivism" into American politics.  Trump interrupted it.  He DISRUPTED it!  He actually wanted to lower taxes and reduce the regulatory strangle hold and make us energy independet.

Ooohh Noooo!  That's NOT what the Hard Left wants!  Nor the person who writes what O'Biden reads on his TelePrompTer.  They just want to prop up the rickety old coot past the next General Election.  To try and kill off any possible competition and keep him - and them - in power.  The same way they do it in Venezuela...

On the way out the digital door, so to speak, just a comment:  If the Hard Left wanted to keep from giving Trump a political lifeline, they just failed.  Miserably. 

BTW, awhile back Venezuela had one of the top ten economies on Earth.  Now, after they borrowed in anticipation of unrealized income, and a whole bunch of that "Don't cry for me, Archennteeeena!," they're eating their zoo animals.  Fortunately we in America have a lot of zoo animals...  

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hey, Dummies!

    Corporations Don't Pay Taxes!!!

The Democrat Party has been working overtime for decades to try and pry loose some of the profits they know are hiding in the jeans of those reeeely big corporations.  And their reeeely big $Billionaire owners.

Especially the 50 or so who've been using our laws to figure out how not to pay income taxes.  Not even a penny.  Think about that the next time you order from Amazon.

The $Multi-Billion Dollar corporations are the ones they're talking about. The Libs want desperately to get their mitts on some of that money so they can spend it on saving the planet from a fiery Hell of "Climate Same."

So instead of changing the tax laws so that everybody's got skin in the game, the Democrats have just passed into law $87,000,000,000 (that's with a "B") to pay for the care and feeding of 87,000 new IRS agents.  87,000.  Annnnd, their ad makes it known these new agents will be packing heat, and not be afraid to use it!

Once this "Hire-O-Rama" concludes, the IRS will be bigger than the Pentagon, the Department of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and our Border Patrol and Protection authority!

Here's the deal, as the cops like to say.  Corporations do not pay taxes!  Corporations are nothing but a deal on paper between one or more people and somebody else.  The owners get shares, and they conduct business.  But they have certain protections against law suits and unreasonable taxation.  And most especially illegal penetration of their vaunted "corporate veil."  And that protection is...they pass any tax increases they might receive along to their customers!  

You cannot box in a corporation.  If you make them pay a minimum tax of 15%, they'll firstly do everything they can to avoid it.  After which they'll simply increase the price of their product or service.  If these dummies, with all their Yale law degrees, expect corporate bosses to "take one for the team" and eat the tax increase, they're simple-minded.  The Chairman and CEO of any corp would be summarily fired if they didn't protect the shareholders by increasing prices.  Read it and weep...

So all you "Progressive" tools of Marxist ideology out there, all of you who live to grab the earnings of others, all you've accomplished by your reckless vote is to increase the cost of living for your constituents.    

The same constituents who are expected to vote their asses out of office come November...

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In Your "Gift Basket"

The some of you who voted Democrat during the last go round just found out what's in your "gift basket."

You were just gifted with 87,000 brand-spankin' new IRS agents!  Whose sole job is to extract money from you, the Taxpayers!  And they presumably thought that more than doubling the size of the IRS from 74,000 to 161,000!  With  less than 2% of those agents in other than tax enforcement jobs.  

Do you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing your friendly IRS is getting $80,000,000,000 (with a "B")?  So they can go after the "rich?"  Well, fellow Patriot, we have some 340 Million People here in America.  And less than half of them pay income taxes (48%).  So if you take half our population, or 170 Million People, and divide them through our new, 161,000 workforce, you'll wind up with 1 agent for every 1,068 taxpayers!  

Then do the normal income distribution on those 1,000 folks.  Half of them will be earning incomes of $75,000 a year, and they'll be the Big Fat Target of the vampiric new agents.

But don't think they'll be the only ones affected by this awful slap in our collective faces.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, everyone who pays taxes will pay more taxes because of this Bill.  Like I said, they lie when the truth would sound better.

I wonder if they'll make them actually come in the the office?

Remember to vote different come November...

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Controlling the Weather...

What is it about the Democrats, and more specifically the "Progressives," that makes them think they can control the weather?  And by throwing money at it?  Reeeely?  

So Senator Chuckie Schumer managed to corral Senator Joe Manchin long enough to get him to agree to the new and laughably called, "The Inflation Reduction Act."

And it seems they've also managed to bring Sen. Kristin Senema (D-AZ) along to this destroy-America party as well.  She wanted a whole bunch of goodies for her $Billionaire donors in Arizona, which Chuckie S. was happy to provide.  Imagine being so powerful you can say, "Sure, we'll just increase corporate taxes!"  Or, "Sure, we'll just give your State $5 Billion in drought relief!"  Not AZ's neighbors NM, or CA, which are also suffering with droughts of their own, the very same friggin' drought, just AZ.  Talk about chintzy!  

This $739 Billion Dollar Bill is actually nothing but a slimmed-down "Bill's Back's Better," which was the $3.5 Trillion Dollar Bill good ol' Joe O'Biden wanted so desperately to pass last year.  And but for Manchin, he would have.  And we, America, would have been screwed.  Or, ever more screwed than this newer edition will make us.  I guess we have that to be thankful for.  

But as I said, they lie when the truth would sound better.

My favorite part of this new Bill is the $367 Billion it earmarks for "Climate."  Or, better put, "controlling the climate."  They, these two-dimensional partisan dimbulb ideologues, actually believe they can control the weather!  Like Castro thought all Cubans would like living in a dictatorship.  They don't seem to realize that "climate" is a function of what everyone on Earth does, not just America.  Hey!  The atmosphere rotates counter-clockwise of the Earth.  So what's in Shanghai today will be in Taxifornia next Saturday.

But because they're so idealistic, and so overwhelmingly underqualified to make decisions on this level, they seem to think they we can somehow "fix" the "climate crisis."  Of which there isn't one.  By "throwing" $327 Billion Dollars at it.  What a bunch of ignorant fools...

Whaddaya' wanna' bet Paul Pelosi gets a big chunk of that?

I suggest another tack they might take.  I suggest we just take hundreds of thousands of brand-new $100 Dollar Bills and throw them out the door of a helicopter hovering over mid-town Manhattan.  And simulfriggintaneously over the  Miracle Mile in Chicago.  And downtown Baltimore (careful, they shoot at helicopters!).  And maybe even Austin, TX, where escapees from Taxifornia brought all their bad habits.  

We could call it "climate change," as it would be just as likely to "change the climate" as spending it on windmills.  Hey, try Googling "extreme weather events 12,500 years."  You'll discover that we've had at least two mini-ice ages and two global warming events in that time-frame.  But they don't have time to Google.  They're too busy saving the planet.  At least the passage of this new and destructive legislation might have the advantage of ending the fruitless conversation on the subject, and also enrich a whole bunch of vagrants waiting below.  

I'll bet they'd promise to be eco-friendly in exchange for those $Benjamins...

Or maybe a few $Million over Chicago's Southside, where everyone is shooting each other.  Maybe they could stop and pick up a few bucks (Hey!  Ammo's expensive!).  And then over every Big Blue Democrat-run city north of I-70 (it cuts America in half, if you hadn't noticed!).  Maybe if they had some more cash in their jeans they'd stop trying to kill each other and every cop they see.

Anyway, this new piece of legislation will cost you and me almost $One Trillion Dollars.  Just as we are trying to tamp down the flames of inflation (too many dollars chasing too few goods).  Sprinkling another $Trillion onto a superheated economy will have disastrous effects.  Remember, they're spending OUR money!  Wouldn't you like to have a say in how it's spent?  I'll bet you thought you did?

But the Democrats are flailing away at anything they can find to try and change the downward spiral in which they now find themselves.  They are going down in flames.  They're hoping that any new spending could possibly buy them a few more votes, and maybe a new lease on life.

I doubt it.  They're going to lose the House.  And even with what I consider to be flawed candidates (Dr. Oz in PA and Hershel in GA), they'll still squeak out a one Senator win to take back the Senate (my prediction; hold me to it).

And then we'll be in an armlock with whoever's behind the curtain, writing the words O'Biden reads on the TelePrompTer.  HE'S the guy running the show.  And HE'S the guy we need to hamstring for the next two years.  

Hold up your hand if you think his last name starts with "O."

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Say it, SUV's Are Ugly...

As in, uggg - leeee!  

They are short, squatty, tall-ish and a "soccer mom" looking means of convenience.  Pushed in toward the middle from both ends, and up toward the top from the bottom.  

Not a stylish sedan, two- or even four-door, or even the classic station wagon, the SUV seems to be a convergence of the two.  One we didn't ask for, but needed, in my professional, car-loving opinion.  Please allow me to pontificate...

I was around when the very first "SUV" came around.  It was the 1983 Chrysler "mini-van."  In fact, my wife and me were heavy into building our family back then, so we bought the very first 1983 Plymouth Voyager to come off the car hauler in Orange County, California.  It fit our bill to a "T," as we produced 4 gorgeous daughters and carted them around in our Voyager for a couple of years.  To lots and lots of soccer games and tournaments and visits to Las Vegas and everywhere under the sun.  In fact, we wore it out, and wound up trading it for a full-blown Dodge conversion van with a back seat TV and refrigerator and separate A/C and power folding bed and rack on the roof and like that.  

And then another one...

Oh yeah, as to the building our gorgeous daughters in the mini-van.  We did that someplace else, if you really must know...

Was it beautiful?  No.  Was it utilitarian?  Yes.  And that's why we bought it.  And that's why Mr. Lee Iacocca's "hail Mary" to try and save Chrysler back then ultimately stirred the creation of today's SUV (it's a great story.  Look it up.  Or wait long enough and I just might tell you...).

Back when I was coming up there were four basic shapes of vehicles:  The four-door sedan, the two-door sedan, the station wagon and the convertible.  Oh yeah, and the pickem' up truck.  We've still got that one.  In fact, the Ford F-150 pickup is still the most popular and best selling vehicle in America today, and has been for more than 20 years.

Today?  If you squashed the four-door sedan together with the two-door sedan and the station wagon, and then made it taller by about 12," you'd have today's SUV.  And about half of our population has not lived in a Country without them.  BTW, SUV stands for "Sports Utility Vehicle."  Did you know that?  And there was very little you could call sporty about those first SUV's, but some of today's SUV's are actually more sports cars than "utility" vehicles.  If you check out the specs on the new M-B's or Audi's or Porche's or even Dodge's SUV's you'd be knocked out.  They put out as much as 707 horsepower and will accelerate from 0 - 60 in just over 3 seconds!  That's Ferrari and Corvette performance!  Of course, they'll cost you $150,000, or even more!  

And they're expected by their manufacturers to be a second, or even a third car!  

Did you know that Porsche was on the verge of bankruptcy until it launched its Cayenne SUV?  They now sell 4 Cayenne's for every 911 that rolls off the line!

So it seems the SUV has morphed from the original soccer mom conveyance that wasn't so yucchy that the man of the house would drive them sometimes, into today's 7-person sports car, which isn't so yucchy to serve as some folks' primary conveyance! 

Today's SUV continues to morph into a quicker and faster means of getting from A to B.  And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it continues to morph into a - ready for it? - a STATION WAGON again!  I've noticed that good ol' fashioned station wagons from the '50's and '60's have started to gain in price at the collector car auctions.  And I'm betting people will soon be asking themselves, if I really need an SUV, why not buy a station wagon instead?  They're lower, longer, seat the same number of people, and are down there where the rest of society hangs out.  But they're much easier to get into and out of and are much comfy-er for the family. 

Oh yeah, and because they're based upon cars, as opposed to trucks, they can be as much as 2,000 pounds lighter!  And a ton of car takes far less horsepower to pull around.  So a car with 300 hp could equal the performance of one with 200 hp more!  And they'll get a heck of a lot better gas mileage!  In this "day and age" of $7.00 a gallon gas (thanks, Brandon!) an extra 4 or 5 mpg would be appreciated!

Annnnd, because they weigh a ton less, that's a ton less steel you'll have to buy!  So station wagons will be mucho cheaper than the SUV's that replaced them, and will be replaced BY them one day probably after I'm gone.  Perhaps you could use that extra $4 or $5 or even $10 Grand?  

I don't care how you vote, this is an idea whose time has come...again!

What do you think, fellow motorists?

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Equity...on the Moon?

Remember Bill Nelson?  

He was the Senator from Florida for, oh, I don't know, maybe a hundred years.  He's the tall, good looking fellow, broad smile full of expensive teeth, carefully quaffed, movie star white hair, unnaturally full for a seventy-ish guy.  And when he talks, he talks with that air of certainty over nearly everything that got him elected, and reelected, many, many times over the years.  Just like his Democrat brethren.  And "sisteren.   

And because of California, now "otheren." 

But Nelson was far better than most public officials, which is why he was able to spend two lifetimes in the Senate, and then retire into perhaps the very best "double-dip" deal imaginable!  He's now been appointed to Director of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Can you get a better gig?  And just to show he hasn't ditched his leftoid leanings, just 'cause he's now retired and can stop the bulls**t, he spilled the beans during an interview with ABC the other day.  An interview that was really telling about the future plans of our vaunted space pioneers...

When asked about our plans to go back to the moon, (now) Mr. Nelson answered, "Yes, we're going back to the moon, and we'll be there before the end of the decade."  Although not asked, Nelson went on to say, "And just to show our commitment to equity and diversity, I can guarantee you that the first person to step back on the moon will be a Black woman!"  

At that I excused myself and went to the rest room and projectile vomited.

Now then, not just a Black, not just a woman, but a Black woman?   To this I just have to ask, if we're checking boxes here, why not make sure that this historic Black woman is also gay?  Like Karine Jeane-Pierre, our newest Press Secretary?  Who's perhaps the dumbest human being God ever created?  Assuming that she is a human being, that is.  And why not make sure she's also an immigrant?  And suffers from the heartbreak of psoriasis?  And is also maybe a Gypsy?  And is afflicted with bi-lateral polyneuropathy, like me?

It seems that no matter how old you grow, you never quite lose the idealism you grew up with.  And in the case of Nelson, that's a truly unfortunate thing.  For you, for me, for NASA, and for America.

But God help us, the Moon, the friggin' MOON, will now be used for virtue signaling.  What's left?

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lying When the Truth Would Sound Better...

The O'Biden Administration sent a Mzzz. Amee Arambide to a recent Judiciary Committee hearing on "Abortion Access and Care."

If you don't know Mzzzz. Arambide, she's an abortion activist and the Director of Pregnancy Termination (I just made that up) at the non-profit "Avow Texas" abortion clinic.  Since she was the Administration's pick to tell us all why unfettered abortion up until the third grade is a really good idea, Rep. Dan Bishop asked her, "What do you say a woman is?"  Mzzzz. Arambide responded with "I believe everyone can identify for themselves."  Bishop continued with, "Do you believe a man can become pregnant and have an abortion?"  Mzzzzzzzz. Arambide answered with, "Yes."

BTW, I was just thinking:  Isn't it easier not to get pregnant than it is to get pregnant?  If women are worried about what would happen if they get pregnant, why don't they just not get pregnant?  Since there are multiple ways they can choose other than forceps at nine months, I think most of us are wishing they'd lighten up a little and choose them. 

Now, just in case you believe that abortion is the only subject about which our aging, crusty old POTUS's handlers are stark raving nuts, a collection of elite fools who are dead set on destroying America, here's a further example as to why you should make sure to vote properly come November:

During a recent Senate Judiciary  Hearing to confirm the nomination of retired FBI agent Steve Dettelbach to the position of Secretary of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri asked Dettelbach if he would be kind enough to define the term, "assault weapon."  Dettelbach responded with, "Oh no, Senator, that would be way beyond my pay grade."  Hawley pressed the issue with, "But Mr. Dettelbach, wasn't it you that promised to confiscate all "assault weapons" if you were ever in a position to do so?  And since you would be in that position if confirmed, couldn't you just define them for us today?"  Dettelbach stated once again that, "I'm sorry Senator, but that would be beyond the authority of this Directorship."  

So let's take inventory here.  The O'Biden Administration is asking us to make abortion universally available up to and including the moment of birth, yet cannot define the term "woman."  And it wishes desperately to eliminate the 24.4 million "AR and AK" platform rifles currently in circulation (FBI statistics, March, 2022).  Yet, it simply cannot...or will not...define what an "assault weapon" is.  

It should be known that fully 73% of all firearms currently sold could be defined as having an operating system similar to that of the AR/AK platforms.  And therefore could be included in that list.  And if they could, I insist, they would!

And now we've had two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, which has universally defined a "recession" since The Flood, we're now being informed that the definition has changed.  That we're not in a recession.  Because, they don't identify with recessions, I guess.  

As in "1984," he who controls the definition of words....controls the language.  And those who control the language control our lives.  Don't let them control our language.  A woman is the opposite of a man, and you can count up the chromosomes if you need proof.  

An "assault weapon" is a select-fire, fully-automatic firearm used by the military.  And only by the military.  They are not available to the general public, and haven't been since the "Automatic Weapons Act," of 1934.  Either those in the Democrat Party have been lying to you about what they term "assault weapons," or they have no idea what in Hell they are.  

And we're in a recession, regardless of what the Mumbler-in-Chief chooses to call it (hey, why don't we call it a "recovery?").  

When you enter the voting booth come November, just remember this:  The Democrat Party has been in complete control of all three branches of Government since January 20, 2020.  And if you don't like the way things have been going, you know who to blame...

Perhaps that's supposed to give them maximum latitude in dealing with the aftermath of these two completely mismanaged events.  Events well within their control.  Events that our Lame-ass Media would have roasted a Conservative President and Cabinet for if is blew the calls as badly as this one.  It's just like, whatever Trump did, we'll do the opposite.  And then go to Rehoboth Beach for the weekend.

Face it.  They are two-dimensional, room temperature I.Q. academicians, who should never, ever have been given the reigns of power, and should never be given them again.  They abuse it every single time...