Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Want the Answer?

I have it:


Want to stop the murder of our innocent school children?  Like what happened in Nashville yesterday?  And in Uvalde?  And in Sandy Hook?  And in Parkland before? 

Put this sign in front of every single school in America.  Today!   

Arm and train our teachers and staff to take out those intending to hurt our precious kids before they can carry out their nefarious plans.  Like what's happening in so many of our school districts today.  Like 32 of our school districts currently permit.  The ones who actually care about our children.  The ones who are more interested in saving lives than spewing noxious political talking points.  About which they know know nothing.         

Doubt me?  Think about it.  Ask yourself: when was the last time a police station was shot up?  When was the last time a gun store was attacked by a would-be murderer?  When was the last time a shooting range was the scene of a robbery?  When was the last time a gun show was the scene of a blood-soaked assault by those who wish to live - and die - at the hands of a cop who responds too late to save an innocent life?  Like what happened yesterday in Tennessee.  

And oh yeah, if guns actually kill, why isn't everybody at a gun show dead on arrival?  

There's now one armed cop for every 500 students in Florida.  It's been that way since the shooting in Parkland some years back.  Why not Tennessee?  And Texas.  And every other school district that wishes to save innocent kids' lives?  

And through it all our feckless President lies through his false teeth about firearm ownership.*  Again.  I'm sick and tired that those who know nothing are spouting bulls*it.  Here are the facts:

100+ million Americans own and use more than 495 million firearms.**  That's one-third of all American households.  And all but one of them killed nobody yesterday.  

Think about it.  Do your homework.  And then decide who's telling you the truth...

And on the way out the digital door, let me add this:  If we can afford to send $200 Billion Dollars to Ukraine, we can afford to put minders on duty 24/7 watching social media postings for those who announce their plans, their "manifestos," to kill innocent kids, while they themselves intend to die at the hands of cops.  "Death by Cop," it's called.  Like nearly every single one of these mass shootings turn out to be.  Like the one yesterday in Tennessee.  And the one which will no doubt occur tomorrow, or the next day, until or unless we get real about arming our true first responders, our teachers and staff.  Think about it, and then call your elected representative.  Today!

(And, I should add, I've been absent of late, recovering from a C-1/C-2 laminectomy of my cervical spine.  My fifth back and neck surgery.  Difficult at my advanced age, but I'm too tough to die.  Right now especially, when the truth needs me most.)

*     O'Biden lied to you yesterday.  Again.  He's a serial liar.  He said the bullets from military-style rifles "blow up" when they enter the body.  Unlike "other" bullets.  A lie.  Military bullets are designed to penetrate the body without killing, so that two other servicemen will have to carry out the wounded, taking three out of the fight.  He lied about that one. He said Americans cannot own automatic weapons.  A lie17 our states permit automatic weapon ownership under the 1932 National Firearms Act.  He lied again.  And he said we cannot own tanks.  Wrong.  We can buy all the tanks we can afford.  There's a used tank dealer in Tennessee who'd be glad to take your phone call.  And he even said we'd be smashed by the Gubmint's F-16's if we tried to use our weapons the way our Founding Fathers intended.  Another lie!  Oh BTW, we can even buy and own and use our own F-16's.  And F-15's, and F-14's, and every other "F" we can afford to own, once they've been demilitarized.  Kinda' makes you want to puke, now don't it?

**   FBI, 2022

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Look Back...

I had the really good fortune to grow up at a really bad time.

I was born deep into World War Two, and harbor stark memories of the willful depravations my family suffered to do their part for the boys "over there."  

There was rationing for everything.  Coffee, sugar, beans, rice, meat and gasoline.  Even tires!  All the rubber had been diverted to the War effort.  I remember they had to extinguish the lights just in case the Nazis wanted to bomb us.

More than 55% of our Country's entire Gross National Product was focused on our winning this existential battle.  A battle between Good and Evil.  Toward the end of the War, as an example, the Ford Motor Co. was turning out a brand-new Mitchell B-25 bomber from it's Flint, Michigan plant every hour!  Built predominantly by women!  More than 3,000 of them!

When the War ended the boys all came home.  And then presumed to resume their previous lives.  They went to college.  They entered a trade.  They started rebuilding our post-War Country.  We were all full of pride at our collective accomplishment.  It had been tough on us all, our warriors and us.  There's of fighting the War, and ours of undergoing deprivation in their loyal support.  It changed us as a society.  It made us stronger.  We beat the Bad Guys and saved the world!  It forged us into a Nation of One, all having focused on winning, and now focused on living our lives.

And it was glorious.

Brand new car models started popping up in the showrooms.  New-fangled electric refrigerators with built-in icemakers astounded housewives.  Disneyland opened to rave reviews.  A new Interstate highway system started construction so we could travel anywhere, anytime.  Industrial production blossomed.  New home construction fought to keep up with ever-increasing demand.  Those who chose to build our new cars and refrigerators joined unions, which enabled them to buy homes.  The churches were full, the cash registers were ringing, our kids were getting educated and our Legislature was stocked up with patriots sworn to do the best for us, the citizens.

After WW2 more than 82% of our Congressmen were veterans.  As it well should be.  

We had undergone pain, we had shown the world who was on their side when they needed us, and now it was time to revel in our collective victory.

That was almost two generations ago.  And I'm afraid we've forgotten what it meant to be united toward a common goal.  What it meant to fight and die to protect our ideals.  Our way of life.  Our freedoms.  I'm afraid we've done what fathers and mothers should never do: try to keep their children from having to strive and suffer as hard as they did.  And in so doing, I'm afraid that we've raised a generation of pus*ies.  Of wimps.  Of people who think they're owed something.  And that owe no particular allegiance to the United States of America.  


I've stated before that I think we lost America that day back in 1975 we ended the draft.  When we stopped conscripted young men to defend our Country and began relying on an all-volunteer military.  Before that our young men and women would be sent off to secure freedom, and then come home and positively change the attitudes of mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles .  And in so doing we lost that sense of obligation we each owe to the Country that birthed us, and gave us the freedom 95% of the world does not offer.  

And to those who are protesting and complaining that the U. S. of A. isn't giving them enough stuff, I want them to stop and ask one simple question: If America sucks so bad, why are millions and millions of citizens of the world is beating a path to - and through - our borders?

And to those 200+ American cities which have self-declared as "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens, I offer the following warning:

Be careful for what you want.  You just might get it...  

Monday, March 6, 2023

It Repossesses Itself?

For those who are still wondering whether Big Brother is watching us, and has been for eons, I'm here to tell you that "Biggie" has moved into your house, taken off his loafers, laid down on your couch and demanded a cold beer.  

The expensive imported kind...

I just read today about a new patent just granted to Ford Motor Co.  Are you ready for this?  If you don't pay your payments, it'll crank itself up and drive right on back to the dealer.


Oh, not all at once.  In the weeks after you've decided to eat rather than send off your car payment, Ford will begin by turning off some of your car's features.  Maybe the heater in Michigan's winter.  Or the air conditioning in Arizona's summer.  Or maybe the wipers so you can't see to drive.  Or put an ungodly screech on your stereo instead of your fave music.  Or put it into "limp" mode so it'll only go a max of 45 mph.  

Or worse yet, simply "repossess itself."  It'll drive itself back to the dealer, or the junkyard, whichever is appropriate.  And maybe wash itself, powder its hood and put out a for sale sign.

Are you happy about the computer age?  Tesla will charge a fat $15,000 for their little solo drive option.  So you can take a nap on your way to work.  Illegal for you to do so, but hey, who's watching?  Since the cops have been defunded, who's gonna' object?

Excepppppt, sometimes that bunch of software doesn't work.  One of Elon's babies just confused an Amish horse and buggy rig as being something else (who knows what?), and proceeded to crash into the back of it at more than 80 mph!  Killed the driver and the horse and made a big, freeway-halting mess.  There have been more than 70 such "incidents" since the Tesla began selling this option.  And there are more than 30 lawsuits so far filed by those whose autopilot option killed or nearly killed them.

But hey, he's the richest guy in America, and you gotta' break a few eggs to make an omelet, right?  What's a little collateral damage among friends, right?

I recall fondly the days when a new car came with an engine, a transmission, an AM radio and roll-up windows.  You didn't need the computers that run all that stuff (an average of 23 per new car now!), you didn't need their extra weight to haul around, you didn't need to pay for all the options you don't really need, and you won't have to worry about them breaking one mile after your warranty runs out.

I can see it all now; your car decides to fire itself up and drive back to the dealer at 4:00 a.m.  And the owner runs out of the house with a 12 gage shotgun and proceeds to unload on the "driver."  Except, no driver to blast away upon.  And then, I'm guessing, no car left to resell.  

And you can't just sidestep this situation by purchasing other than a Ford.  Don't you think ALL the manufacturers will be licensing Ford's invention so that THEIR cars can drive themselves home?

Don't  you think the repo guys are going to have a conniption fit over this?  There are tens of thousands of them and some of them aren't nice guys!  

I've got an idea!  Why not just buy an old car with low mileage in good shape without all this gimcrackery.  Without all the bells and whistles.  You can roll you own windows up, can't you?  And then drive the wheels off that sucker.  And show Ford and all the other makers that you don't intent to play.  

A car is your second largest purchase.  Why not make fewer of them?  

And tell all your friends to do the same.  Simply stop buying.  With the average car payment now at $732.00 over 70 months, maybe they'll miss a few of you if you simply say, "No!"  

And then let's see who gives up first...  

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Narcissistic Psychopathy.

Did you follow the Murdaugh trial?

I did.

In fact, I followed virtually very minute of it.  Why?  Because of its Shakespearean melodramatic plot line, for sure, but for an even more interesting reason I think.

I mentioned in a posting a short while back that my formal training was in criminal and aberrant psychology.  Or in short, why people who do bad things, do bad things.

And one of the more fascinating areas of psychology is the study of psychopathology, or "psychopathy, as it's called.  We're told in the literature that about 1.2% of men, and 0.8% of women express some degree of psychopathology.  Usually presented as psychopathy, with delusions of grandeur thrown in.  A far smaller percentage also evidence other forms of pathology, including narcissism, a disease most often presenting alone.  

Those presenting with these pathologies place themselves first in every thought and deed.  They may love others, but not as much as they love themselves.  They believe that lying, cheating, stealing and misleading are all okay if it benefits them.  They will do anything, use anyone, and play off some against others to get their way.  In short, they have no shame, and being found out is their only fear.    

And why do I mention all of this?  Because I can tell you I witnessed the only instance in my memory of someone who is most likely both a narcissist and a psychopath.  A person who was just found guilty of uxoricide, and filicide; murdering both his wife and his youngest son, in cold blood, to cover up his own misdeeds.  Misdeeds so vast, so overwhelming in both their scope and their negative impact, that Murdaugh still faces 99 charges against him and a minimum of 115 years in prison, just from his financial crimes.  Charges for which he'll still be prosecuted, even though he's already doing LWP.  

The jury found him guilty of killing his family to buy some time.  Some time to figure out how to continue living the lie.  On borrowed time.  In his opiate-addled brain, he thought he could engender enough pity from his law partners and those he had screwed out of $12 Million that they'd simply say, "no harm, no foul."  


And yet, the hand of God intervened.  And karma's a bitch, doncha' know.  A Snapchap video young Paul was innocently taking just prior to the murders tied Murdaugh to the scene of the crime, and put him in jail for life without parole.  And yet, through it all, Murdaugh remained emotionless.  He slobbered and blubbered when he was trying to talk his way out of trouble, but remained dry-eyed when all was lost.

I would submit his expressionless stoicism while being sentenced tells you all you need to know.  

I was transfixed.  As were I'm sure all psychology students nationwide.  They just had a masterclass in psychopathy.  One not soon repeated in such stark detail.

But I call tell you I knew he was guilty right out of the box.  Why?  His name is Alex Murdaugh.  Yet, he demanded to be called "Alek Murdock."  Pretension, thy name is Alek.  

Oh yeah, he's cooling his heels in the South Carolina Prison System at Kirkland, S.C.  And at the ripe young age of 54, he faces perhaps another 40 years or so to ruminate on the shi*storm he's caused before he earns his "pine box pardon."  Amongst murderers and thieves.  

He should feel right at home...

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Eureka! I Have the Answer!

After giving the matter deep thought for quite a fair chunk of time, I believe I have the answer to the perplexing problem of men pretending to be women, competing against women, in women's sports. 

And we must note going in the matter wouldn't be "perplexing" if those who had the horsepower to fix this big bag of horsepucky weren't a bunch of limp-wristed pantywaists.  But I editorialize.  As I'm often wont to do. 

Ready for it?

So we've got men competing against men in men's sports.  Got it?  

And we've got women competing against women in women's sports (guaranteed by Title IX of the U.S. Code, as if that matters anymore to anyone.  Heck, they hate the Constitution!).  

And now we've got men competing against women in women's sports.  Against all reason, presumably based upon some "Progressive" definition of "equity."

And Note:  They never seem surprised when the man pretending to be a woman wins in a women's sport.  Or even off-put.  Just marinating in their own special brand of foolishness, assured they'll be found righteous in their misguided, nay dangerous decisions.

So how about we have all women start pretending to be men, pretending to be women!  Got it?  And then compete that way!  The men pretending to be women could no longer compete against fellow male pretenders, for the same reason you'll never find a shark attacking a shark.  It's professional courtesy.  

P. S.  It's the same reason you never hear of a shark eating a lawyer.  It's professional courtesy...

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Ever Wonder What They Think of You?

Here's your chance to find out...

If you type "Black organizations" into your computer's little Google box you'll get back a veritable cornucopia of Black organizations of all manner and stripe.  

From non-profits dedicated to uplifting some aspect of Black life here in America, to thousands of educational, professional and religious Black-oriented groups.  Doctors, lawyers, accountants, belly dancers, comedians, bus drivers, even LGBTQ+++- affiliated Black folks all grouping themselves together to increase their power, prestige and community standing.  Even Federal and state offices weigh in with all sorts of offers of assistance, whether legal, financial, political, educational or medical, but only if you're Black.  Not a single entry was noted indicating Black-affiliated groups could be anything other than a positive influence on them and their special race. 

That's what you get when you type "Black organizations" into your Google box.

What do you get when you type "White organizations" into your Google box?  I would suggest you try it.  You'll be surprised, I think.  I certainly was.  Shocked, in fact.  Thousands of entries all clamoring in unison for "White nationalists" to be hunted down and jailed.  "White supremacists" are singled out for scorn, amid scathing references to Whites as the evil afflicting America.  For that's what "White organization" means to Google;  White racists.  They list the Ku Klux Klan frequently.  All sorts of Black-hating gangs and clubs and groups are listed.  One after the other.  Every single entry was a racist rant.  And I know, 'cause I'm a professional ranter.  Every one centered around finding "White nationalist" groups, calling them out, and eliminating them from public discourse.  

It's as if an entire subculture exists here within our supposed "United" States which is dedicated solely to the betterment of that one minority population.  Only.  Are our States United anymore?  Maybe we should ask these folks.    

Thinly-veiled race hatred, underwritten by some of our largest and most important corporations.  More than 50 at last count.  Shockingly one-sided.  And racist, in my opinion.  And even the Federal Government, of course, among the most flagrant abusers.  Using your tax dollars.

That's what you get when you type "White organizations" into your little Google box.  

It seems we're all skinheads to our Silicon Valley masters now, fellow Patriots, and also to the folks we vote into office.  Ignorant, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, gun-loving, knuckle-dragging, Black-hating slobbering fools, that's what we are to Social Media.  And we're shipping our money off to them every month by buying and using and giving a sh*t about their America-hating Social Media crap.  

Stop.  Just stop.   

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Parable of the Starlings...

For the non country folk among you, starlings are small, black, noisy, dirty and smelly little birds, which make the most godawful racket, and who gather together like pack animals and crap all over everything in sight.

Some in fact call them "flying rats."

And these unwanted invaders arrived as if by magic every September and proceeded to assault our Livingston County, Missouri Courthouse.  They would arrive as a mob of tens of thousands and pretend the Courthouse was their bedroom.  And bathroom.  They would swarm pedestrians and poop all over every car within a two-block radius.  They would stay for a month or so and then disappear, only to arrive once again the following Fall.

Now, this scenario justifiably angered the businesses around the Town Square.  In the middle of this Square was our Courthouse.  A five-story concrete building housing our County's courtrooms and bizz.  A nondescript, gray, plain and ordinary courthouse that somehow acted as a magnet to starlings.  And when customers stopped shopping, the businesses started howling.  This had been going on for years and the businesses, and the citizens, were demanding the city council do something!  Anything!  And now!

Well, fellow Patriots, the folks where I come from are smart.  And ingenious.  And able to figure out the answers to complex questions.  Like how to get rid of a pack of howling, errant, dirty, nasty starlings.  

And they did.  They voted to invite all the folks in the Chillicothe area to bring their .410 and 20 and 28-guage shotguns to the Town Square on a particular Saturday.  And bring plenty of birdshot ammo, 'cause it was time to blow those suckers right out of the sky!  And my buddy Kenney Frost, who owned the local gun store, offered to sell shotshells at a discount to help make the little soiree a success.  

And boy, was it ever!  About 60 of our fellow gunners arrived early that day, took their positions around the Courthouse and, when the Mayor fired his little starting pistol, we unleased a volley of gunfire not seen since the Battle of the Bulge.  For a solid hour we blasted away, felling Starlings by the bushel.  And every few minutes the starter would blow his whistle, the shooting would stop, and the fallen birds were collected in bushel baskets by the local Boy Scout troop.  And then the whistle would blow and WW3 would start up again.  Hundreds of townies watched at a safe distance and applauded with glee!  A real party, this.  

Damn it was loud!  And boy do I love loud!  I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!

By the editor of the local paper's estimation, more than 2,000 starlings were erased from the Town Square that day.  And the shotgunners were then treated to a BBQ on the Square, pot luck.  As I recall the local beer emporium passed out brewskies, but only after the hardware was safely locked away.  The party went well into the evening, ending only when the cool night air got too cold.  I have a fond memory of that day, most particularly because of one glaring, dayglo, neon fact.  Ready for it?

    The Starlings Never Came Back.

Had those starlings chosen to conduct themselves in a polite, courteous and neighborly manner, like good visitors should, I'm sure we'd have had no problem with their visit.  However, their actions demanded that the punishment fit the crime.  

And it did.

With extreme prejudice.  

We never had to deal with them again.  Maybe the jungle drums beat out the message that my little small town was no longer welcoming to these flying nuisances.  Maybe it was burned into their collective DNA that day that ours was a place which fights back.  That doesn't take getting shat upon lightly...  

And maybe, just maybe, we all should try some of that creative, out-of-the-box thinking to end the crisis of crime enveloping our once-safe and law-abiding Country.  Permitted to envelope.  Apparently with intent.  By unwarranted leniency.  By mollycoddling criminals in an effort to assuage White guilt, and in the misplaced "hope" that they'll "see the light" this time, and head toward the straight and narrow.  Or something.  

"Hope" is not a strategy.

Taxifornia permits petty thieves to steal up to $950 per store, before declaring it a felony.  And that's per day!  Come back tomorrow and do it again.  And then, if by some chance a cop happens to see you and chooses to get involved (they may not, knowing it's performance art), all he can do is write a $50 ticket, with no appearance date, and no recourse for non payment.  Why don't we all just start shoplifting?  

Maybe we all soon will!  And that will be the day America dies...

I'm reminded of the ancient Arab saying:  "You let a camel get his nose under the tent, pretty soon you have a camel in your tent."

The camel's nose is under the tent.

I pray this admonition doesn't fall on deaf ears.  Like those of the mayors of the 50 largest cities in America.  Who have collectively caused this abominable, Country-destroying s**tshow.

Pass it along...